About Troop 452

Summer Notice

Start from June, we no longer have the room reservation at Miller. So  the troop meeting will be at Rainbow Park.

We will start using our Summer schedule, which is from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.


About Troop 452

Troop 452 has one of the best Scouting programs offered
anywhere. Please carefully review this revised Parent’s Handbook.
As you maybe already know, being a member of Troop 452
is an important decision requiring time andcommitment from
both you and your son - your commitment to participate in
our decision-makingcommittees; and your son’s commitment
to the Scouting program. The success of the Scouts in Troop
452 is an attribute to their hard work and dedication, and to
the support of their families!
BSA Troop 452 is sponsored by CASA (Chinese American
Scouting Association). The Association believes in the educational
values and the strong family values promoted by the Scouting
program, and stronglybelieves the Scouting program is a natural
complement to its goals for Chinese culture.