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 About Troop 452

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Troop 452 has one of the best Scouting programs offered anywhere. BSA Troop 452 is sponsored by CASA (Chinese American Scouting Association). The Association believes in the educational values and the strong family values promoted by the Scouting program, and strongly believes the Scouting program is a natural complement to its goals for Chinese culture.

Being an ethnical Chinese is not required for membership, but belief in the BSA Scouting programs is. This belief has helped Troop 452 grow from just thirteen families into one of the leading and most active Boy Scout Troops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thephilosophy and mission of our Troop is to provide Scouts with as many opportunities as possible in which they can learn to make decisions. In the working world this is called “empowerment”, but with empowerment comes responsibility. We acknowledge that there is a learning curve and that Scouts will make poor decisions in the process of learning. However, in the end, the Scouts will mature, learn to assume leadership responsibilities, and make decisions based upon experience, thus the beginnings of a strong moral foundation.

Our Scouts not only take part in activities, but also help to organize many local Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay Council activities. Our Troop participates in national and international activities in the East Coast, Canada and Asia, and our Troop also accommodates Scouts visiting from foreign countries. Boy Scouts is a brotherhood of worldwide proportions, through which our Scouts create friendships that last a lifetime. We are proud of our Scouting spirit and of Troop 452's achievements, and we encourage you to stay active in the Scouting program!


Troop Vision


  • Everyone has a voice and everyone’s opinion should be heard
  • Using the scout sign to quiet people down and get attention rather than yelling
  • Patience with each other and understand that everything is a learning process! We’re here to help guide each other
  • No crude, racist, immature jokes or name-calling
  • Being respectful to other troops and external staff


  • Putting in effort for the sake of growth
  • Acting maturely
  • Clear and timely communication
  • 72 hour email response time for any email.
  • Honest and open communication
  • Having clear expectations for everyone in this troop


  • Older scouts reaching out to all scouts more
  • Switching up Troop meetings to allow for more bonding and interaction
  • A focus on enjoyment
  • More interpatrol communication and interaction