About Us

About Troop 452
Troop 452 has one of the best Scouting programs offered anywhere.
Please carefully review this revised Parent’s Handbook.
As you maybe already know, being a member of Troop 452 is an
important decision requiring time andcommitment from both you
and your son - your commitment to participate in our decision-making
committees; and your son’s commitment to the Scouting program.
The success of the Scouts in Troop452 is an attribute to their hard
work and dedication, and to the support of their families!
BSA Troop 452 is sponsored by CASA (Chinese American Scouting
Association).The Association believesin the educational values and the
strong family values promoted by the Scouting program, and strongly
believes the Scouting program is a natural complement to its goals for
Chinese culture.
Being an ethnical Chinese is not required for membership, but belief
in the BSA Scoutingprograms is. This belief has helped Troop 452
grow from just thirteen families into oneof the leading and most active
Boy Scout Troops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thephilosophy and
mission of our Troop is to provide Scouts with as many opportunities as
possible in which they can learn to make decisions. In the working world
this is called“empowerment”, but with empowerment comes responsibility.
We acknowledge thatthere is a learning curve and that Scouts will make
poor decisions in the process oflearning. However, in the end, the Scouts
will mature, learn to assume leadershipresponsibilities, and make decisions
based upon experience, thus the beginnings of a strong moral foundation.
Since joining Troop 452, your son has had the opportunity to participate
in many newkinds of adventures, resulting in exciting and rewarding
experiences for both you andyour son. Our Scouts not only take part in
activities, but also help to organize many local Santa Clara County Council
Our Troop participates in national and international activities in the East
Coast, Canadaand Asia, and our Troop also accommodates Scouts visiting
from foreign countries. Boy Scouts is a brotherhood of worldwide proportions,
through which our Scouts create friendships that last a lifetime.
We are proud of our Scouting spirit and of Troop 452's achievements,
and we encourageyou to stay active in the Scouting program!
This Parent’s Handbook is the first step in which we have tried to identify
the majorconcerns and answer the most frequently asked questions. We
will be glad to address any other questions that concern you.
Our Program and Goal
Our Program
Troop 452 is registered under Boy Scouts of America. Hence, the
Scouting program offered by Troop 452 is under the guidance of
Boy Scouts of America. The Scout in Troop 452 receives the same
training of skills that other BSA Troops provide. Parents are
strongly encouraged to read Boy Scout Handbook for more
detailed information.
Troop 452 actively participates in all scouting events sponsored by
local district, council, and national Scout offices. Troop 452 also
actively participates in the events sponsored by foreign Scout
organizations. We participate in as many events as we can, and
attend these activities with all the other local BSA Troops.
In addition, our Scouts will go beyond the traditional program. We
encourage our Scouts to attend Chinese schools if at all possible.
Our Scouts also participate in events that celebrate Chinese
heritage and culture in our Community. We do this because we
believe that this kind of exposure is valuable. Attendance at
Community events is not mandatory and is not a condition of
The motivating force behind the entire Program of the Boy Scout
of America is contained in the words of the Scout Oath and the
Scout Law. In all the activities that conducted by our troop, we
emphasize the teachings expressed in these words. The mission of
BSA and our troop is to teach scouts how they can make proper
choice in life. They learn to assume responsibilities and to make
their own decisions based upon a strong moral foundation.
Each scout memorizes the Scout Oath and Law, understands their
meaning, and regularly applies them in daily life. In doing so,
scouts reinforce the positive religious and moral values that are
taught at home. Scouts become familiar with concepts such as
honor, service to others and citizenship. Parents and adults leaders
are also guided by these words so they, too, may learn and help
guide our scouts.